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Vacation Bible School 2023

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Food Truck Party VBS 

JULY 17-21, 2023 

At Food Truck Party VBS, your students will enjoy an interactive, energizing, Bible-based good time as they get on a roll with God. They will become Chefs and discover how we can turn to God in prayer every day to meet our needs and how we can join God in providing for the needs of others.  

After a high-energy Opening Assembly time, the Chefs make their way to the Bible Story Station.Interactive Bible lessons reveal Daily Specials to equip your Chefs for an active life with God. Your Chefs will also discover our Main Course (Bible memory verse), which will remain with them in their faith long after VBS.            

The students will expand on what they’ve discovered by making their own art projects at the Craft Station, singing new songs at the Music Station, exploring the wonders of God’s creation at the Science Station, playing games at the Recreation Station, and enjoying tasty treats at the Snack Station. Along the way, the Chefs will hear about our mission project as their response to a call for action!

Join us as we get on a roll with God at the Food Truck Party!

Register online:

Or contact the office today!

Join the Team!

Please sign up to help bring Vacation Bible School back to 1st UMC! 


We will need many volunteers before the week of VBS for lots of decorating. It's fun and amazing to watch the transformation of the Sanctuary, Breezeway and Wesley Room areas become VBS. Then from 9 – noon for 5 days everything comes alive! Adults, children, and even animals have a blast receiving unconditional love through prayer, music, stories, games, experiments, and snacks. And all of that happens while learning about Jesus!!! 

0-PreK childcare will be available for volunteers.


Please check the list below to see where you can join us and volunteer. Add your name to the list below and pick your favorite spot now! 


If you cannot be there, we still need help with set up and take down.  

We don’t need a village to put on a great VBS, just a loving church, old and new friends, and prayers!

Contact Pam Houghton to volunteer


Thank you,



1. Decorators for church: 

2. Director: Pam Houghton 

3. Assistant: Claire Billings 

4. Music: Michelle Powers 

5. Music Assistant:

6. Sound booth tech: Dave Mason 

7. Crafts: Jenny Schnabel, Tannis Causey 

8. Kitchen Leader: 

9. Kitchen Assistant:

10.Games/PE Leader:

11.Games/PE Assistant: 

12.Bible Story Leader: Pastor Kevin Dotts 

13.Bible Story Assistant:

14.Science Leader:

15.Science Assistant:

16.Class Leaders – K-6th:

17.Class Assistants - K-6th:

18.Heifer International Leader: 

19.Set up decorating: 

20.Take down decorations:

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