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Night Off the Streets Warming Center

CARSON CITY – Night Off the Streets (NOTS) warming center in Carson City is accepting volunteers for the upcoming season that starts November 1.

For the sixth year, NOTS will provide a place for those without homes to sleep during the winter nights from November 1 through March 31. A different church in Carson City hosts the warming center each month. St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church will be the host in November. All community members are welcome to serve as volunteers.

“The NOTS warming center was founded more than six years ago after a homeless man died of hypothermia while sleeping outdoors in Carson City. Since opening the center, no one has died from exposure to the cold in Carson City,” says NOTS founder and president Deacon Craig Lagier of Carson City.

Volunteers serve three shifts during each night. The first shift starts at 8:30 pm. The second shift starts at 11:45 pm, and the third shift starts at 3:45 am and ends at 7 am.

People interested in becoming a volunteer receive orientation and training on their role and responsibilities before serving in the NOTS shelter.

To sign up as a volunteer or learn more about the NOTS center, please complete the volunteer application. For more information about signing up to volunteer, contact Coco Crum (775-220-8187) or NOTS at -- 775-600-2632.

Training options for the 2022-2023 season:
October 20,
6:00 PM, optional Narcan training, in-person
6:30 PM, mandatory volunteer training, in-person

October 22,
9:30 AM, optional Narcan training, in-person and livestreamed/recorded
10:00 AM mandatory volunteer training, in-person and livestreamed/recorded

Trainings will be at Carson City First United Methodist Church.  
Volunteers only need to attend one training session.

Volunteer Application

Read more about the center here.

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