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Our Church
This congregation is the first established church in the State of Nevada, organized in 1859. The church was labeled, “The Cradle of Nevada Methodism.” For over 155 years this congregation has continuously served the families of Carson City. The historic sanctuary was built and dedicated in 1867 and remains perhaps the earliest building still in use in the State. Fifty-one pastors have served this congregation since the congregation was established.


Early History

In September 1858, when the town of Carson City, known as Eagle Ranch was divided into lots. The Methodist Episcopal Society was able to purchase a number of lots on Division Street for $25 and a pair of boots. In 1866 Rev. Nims dedicated the new sandstone Gothic Revival Church on September 2. Rev. Nims labored almost single-handedly for 3 years, hauling the sandstone blocks from the State Prison. The prisoners quarried and squared the stone, then he hauled and laid them himself. Remarkably, the sanctuary is still in use.

The Church’s Legacy

Our congregation has participated in the “boom and bust” cycles of Carson City and has endured and grown. We remain one of the largest and most vital United Methodist Congregations in Nevada.  We have always had a focus of outreach and social concern for the needs of the people throughout the community. In the Methodist tradition, we have sought to be inclusive and welcomed people from diverse class and cultural backgrounds as well as varied doctrinal traditions.   In this spirit we have adopted the motto; “OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, AND OPEN DOORS!”

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